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Vegetable Drying Oven

Vegetable Drying Oven Introduction

Vegetable drying oven adopts circulating hot air to dry vegetables. The dryer is equipped with low noise, high temperature resistant axial flow fan and automatic temperature control system. The whole circulation system is fully closed, most hot air circulates in the oven, having high thermal efficiency and saving energy. The vegetable drying machine is suitable for drying various kinds of vegetables, such as radish, potato, sweet potato, mushroom, chilli, garlic, ginger, long beans, cauliflower, bamboo fungus, bamboo shoots, etc. and the nutrition values of vegetables can be retained after drying.

Technical Parameters of Electric Vegetable Drying Oven

Draught fan power
Trays No.
Trolleys No.
Temperature in the oven

commercial_hot_air_vegetable_drying_oven_for_dehydrating_vegetablesAdvantages of Vegetable Drying Oven

1. Utilizing forced ventilation function and adjustable air distribution plates, ensuring temperature balance in the oven.
2. Multiple heat sources for your choice: steam, electricity, or electricity-steam dual-use.
3. Automatic constant temperature control, automatic alarm over limit, reliable operation.
4. The inner wall of the dryer machine are fully welded and adopt circular arc transition at all transitions, no dead angle, easy to clean.
5. Unique guide rail sealing device, ensuring the sealing performance of the vegetable dryer, helping thermal insulation and prevent pollution.
6. Adopt filters at the air inlet and outlet, ensuring cleanliness of the circulating air.
7. All the spare parts in the oven can be disassembled and assembled quickly, easy for clean and maintenance.
8. The vegetable dryer machine is in compliance with GMP requirements.
9. Uniform trolley size and tray size. Baking tray dimensions: 640*460*45mm.
10. The oven dryer can be customized according to your requirement.

Working Principle of Hot Air Drying Oven

Hot air circulating oven adopts steam or electricity as heat source, and axial flow fan to circulate air. After heated by the radiator or electric heater, the hot air delivered by the circulating fan enters into the drying room through the air duct, and transfers heat to the materials. Fresh air is replenished through the air inlet while wet air is discharged through the air outlet. By the constant replenishing of fresh air and discharging of wet air, the proper relative humidity in the drying oven is maintained.

How to Adjust the Temperature Balance in the Dryer Oven?

On the two sides in the drying oven, there are adjustable air distribution plates. Adjusting the gap between the plates can achieve temperature balance in the oven. If the temperature is low, increase the gap near the point; If the temperature is high, reduce the gap properly. Continue adjusting until reaching temperature balance.

Double-door Drying Oven Working Video

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