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Meat Drying Oven

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Meat Drying Oven Basic Information

The meat drying oven manufactured by our company is a kind of hot air circulation drying machine. It can be used to process various meat products and is widely employed to produce dried meat products. It can be used for drying preserved chicken, preserved fish, cured meat, cured pork, pickled duck, ham, sausage, and any other kind of preserved meat.

Meat Drying Oven Basic Information

Meat Dryer Technical Data

Model CT-C-IV
Heating Method Electrical Heating
Temp inside Oven 30-140℃
Power 60kw, 90amp
Drying Tray NO. 192
Drying Tray Size 460*640*45 mm
Drying Trolley NO. 8
Fan Power 0.45kw*4
Overall Dimension 4460*2200*2290 mm

Meat Drying Oven Highlights

Meat Drying Machine Highlights

1. Multiple heating methods by electricity, steam, far infrared and hot water.
2. High heating efficiency for most hot air circulating inside the drying oven.
3. Balanced processing temperature for the utilization of positive draft, air separating board inside the oven, and automatic temperature control system.
4. Different working temperature: 50-150℃ steam heating, 50-350℃ for electric and far-infrared heating.
5. Customized processing capacity by designing the machine with 1-5 doors (the two-door drying oven is mechanical interlocking)
6. The special guide-rail sealing device ensures a good leak-proof performance of the machine.
7. Easy to disassemble for cleaning and maintenance, and simple to install; reliable performance with low noise.
8. The production process of the drying machine conforms to the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

How Does Meat Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine Work

This hot air circulation drying machine is powered by electric, and there will be massive hot air circulation in the oven. New air keeps entering into the oven from the air inlet and then discharges with the moisture evaporating from the product, which increases the heating effect to reduce the moisture content of the product gradually.

Meat Hot Air Circulation Drying Machine Working Principle

Meat Drying Machine Application

This hot air circulation dryer is a kind of all-purpose drying equipment, having wide application for the curing and dehydrating of many kinds of materials and products in the food industry, agriculture and sideline production, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, fishery industry, light industry, and heavy industry, etc.

Meat Drying Machine Applications

Why Meats Need Drying Process by Hot Air Meat Drying Oven

The fresh meats have more than 60% water content, and the moisture content is reduced to less than 20%.
1. After drying, the microorganism is inhibited for better preservation.
2. After drying, the meat weight is reduced for easy transportation.
3. After drying, the meat flavor can be improved a lot.

Meat Drying Oven Video Show

Main Configurations of Meat Drying Oven

Item Specification Making Material NO. Note
Outer wall δ=1.2 stainless steel 1 304
Inner wall δ=0.8 stainless steel 1 304
baseboard δ=3.0 carbon steel 1 Q235A
framework 5# angle steel carbon steel 1 Q235A
Air-separating board δ=1.0 stainless steel 1 304
Air-separating board framework δ=3.0 stainless steel 1 304
Axial-flow fan Matched Aluminum alloy 4 pieces 0.45KW/piece
Sealing strip Matched Silicon rubber 1 set Rubber from Changzhou
Electric heating 60KW Stainless steel 1 group 304
Insulating layer 80mm Glass fiber cotton 1 Superfine
Drying vehicle 1.5mm Stainless steel 8 304
Drying vehicle wheel Matched Stainless steel 32 Nylon
Drying tray δ=0.6 Stainless steel 192 304
Air-in filter net Matched Stainless steel 1 /
Air-out filter net Matched Stainless steel 1 /
Door lock and door butt matched Stainless steel 1 set Components
Self-control device Matched / 1set Delixi electric
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